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17 Mother’s Day gifts we’ve given our own moms — from indoor herb gardens to personalized jewelry

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Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to show thanks and gratitude for your mom.
Below, you’ll find a list of 17 gifts we’ve deemed worthy of giving our own moms in the past. 
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Editor’s note: It’s likely that many families will be spending Mother’s Day apart this year due to the impact of coronavirus. Nothing takes the place of time spent together, but if you’re looking to send a gift to Mom in lieu of a visit, we hope this list will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

At Insider Reviews, we spend the majority of every day, month, and year both researching and testing the best products you can find online. Beyond converting us into living encyclopedias of Amazon prices, this also makes us particularly discerning gift-givers — and there are few people we take as much care when gifting as our moms. 

Below, you’ll find 17 of the Mother’s Day gifts our teammates have given their moms on Mother’s Day. You’ll notice a mix of the classics (hey, our moms love flowers) as well as some cool techy gadgets. If you’re still looking for ideas, we’ve got a host of Mother’s Day gift guides here.

The top 5 best gifts we’ve given to our own moms for Mother’s Day:

An easy-to-use indoor herb garden from Click and Grow
A surprise clothing delivery
A creative way to stay in touch when far apart
A dainty zodiac necklace from Mejuri
A classic floral bouquet

Below are 17 gifts we’ve given our own moms in the past:A no-fuss indoor herb garden

Click and Grow Smart Garden, available at Click and Grow, $99.95

My mom loves fresh herbs year-round, but she lives in Minnesota. The Click and Grow was an easy way to make sure she always has access to fresh basil, thyme, and cilantro — and without having to baby the plant on top of all the other things she does. From what I hear, she absolutely loves it. — Mara Leighton, senior reporter

A beautiful bouquet
Bloom That Bouquet

FDT Floral Bouquet, available at FDT, from $40

As with many things you buy online, you often run the risk of ordering something that looks amazing on your screen but ends up being less than impressive in person. I took that risk the first time ordering flowers from BloomThat for Mother’s Day. To my relief, and to my mom’s happiness, the bouquet was as beautiful as expected (and importantly, arrived on time). BloomThat has since been acquired by FTD, but you can still find its gorgeous, full, and reasonably priced arrangements on the FTD site. — Connie Chen, senior reporter

A Birchbox subscription

Birchbox Subscription, available at Birchbox, from $45 for 3-months

My mom makes a 40-hour day out of 24 hours, and most of her time and energy is allocated to her kids and business. I signed her up for a Birchbox subscription to make sure she had the excuse to spend a little time just for herself every day and figure out new products she loves without a trip to the mall. I loved the idea of a gift arriving at her door once a month, and more attention paid to just her. — Mara Leighton, senior reporter

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