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Ethereum Classic Partners With Blockchain Developer and Media DApp

Ethereum Classic Labs has announced new partnerships with social media dApp iZbreaker and blockchain infrastructure developer, Second State.

Ethereum Classic Labs, a core Ethereum Classic development and accelerator organization, announced partnerships with social media dApp iZbreaker and blockchain infrastructure developer Second State.

Second State will build the next generation Ethereum infrastructure

On Sept. 1, the developer and maintainer of the Ethereum Classic blockchain said that they had partnered with blockchain infrastructure developer, Second State.

Per the announcement, the partnership “will bring high-impact enhancements into the ETC ecosystem” is intended to create an open-source toolchain and runtime software that powers the next generation of Ethereum-compatible blockchains.

Michael Yuan, CEO of Second State, said that they: 

“Are proud to be part of the development effort to make Ethereum Classic the most technically advanced and developer friendly blockchain in the world.”

Partnership with social media dApp iZbreaker

On Aug. 28, Ethereum Classic Labs also announced a partnership with social media dApp iZbreaker, an invite-only, secure community for connecting people with a three-degree network of friends-of-friends. Its website said:

“Get ready for a brand new way of connecting with others in a world full of information overflow, commercial bias, and untrustworthy online spaces.”

The announcement went on to explain that Ethereum Classic Labs will provide development resources to build the social media dApp and use its technical and marketing expertise to create and launch a new decentralized application.

The CEO and founder of iZbreaker, Count Erik Wachtmeister, addressed the latest developments and said:

“The main mission of iZbreaker is to ‘amplify serendipity.’ So much of social media is about focusing on other people’s past. iZbreaker is about paying attention to our own future and capturing the opportunities around us.”

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