Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran 1134 : Joseph A. Nagle, President and CEO of Delta Dental

Joe Nagle is President and CEO of Delta Dental of Rhode Island and its subsidiaries – which include Altus Dental Insurance Company in Massachusetts and First Circle, Inc., the parent company of Chewsi Dental – the whole new way to save on and pay for dental care. Joe has long been on the leading edge employee benefit innovations. Prior to joining Delta Dental in 1992, he was a founding partner of The Capstone Group, a Providence-based healthcare consulting firm. And he previously held executive roles at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island and United Health Plans of New England. His career began at the international accounting and consulting firm of Ernst & Young. A self-described “rational optimist”, Joe believes that thinking differently is at the core of remaining competitive as a business – and that disruption and change, while uncomfortable at times, are both inevitable and essential.

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