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Auto Traffic Buddy gets you a steady flow of backlinks. But, there is much more to it than that.

Auto Traffic Buddy is automated. BUT, it’s not one of those hokey $37 “click-n-get-rich” software products you’ve seen promoted lately.

The “magic” behind Auto Traffic Buddy is leveraging and tapping into a growing network of sites. These “sites” are a very specific type of content-rich blogs that are highly optimized for maximum search engine placement. No. This is not your typical WordPress blog network that you’ve seen everybody and their brother launch over the past 3 years.

Auto Traffic Buddy is WAY different. It involves high-powered scripts and some automation. But, you don’t really need to know anything about blogs at all to benefit from ATB.

Simply put. Auto Traffic Buddy gets more mileage out of your content by syndicating and promoting bread crumbs throughout dozens (potentially HUNDREDS) of other websites that are all owned by our current customers. Using ATB, you will get loads of backlinks to boost your search engine rankings.

It works great. Results can be seen in as little as 24 hours!


Blog Blueprint – The Ultimate Auto Blogging System

Blog Blueprint - The Ultimate Auto Blogging SystemNowadays many people do blogging. This is a common approach for the expansion of social networking sites. Some even do blogging by posting updates on Twitter.

It can be not more than a sentence or two, but still keeps people informed?. That is what a blog is for, or rather, what it’s intended for.

How about your blogs? Do you blog about your lifestyle? Do you blog about how your work weighs you down, and you want to go of it to become your own boss? Or do you use blogs as ways to earn money. It’s quite possible if some of the basic rules of blogging and some help to know.

The first thing you must understand if you want to blog for money is that you have to stick to relevant topics. Blogging on the neighbor’s dog won’t fetch you a lot of interest and back links to make money. But if you blog about a pet service and mentioned great pets products, you’re really good at something. You can also blog about health products and services.

Put some relevant ads and use the correct blog service, and all of a sudden you get a high ranking pages that are bringing you money. You have to make relevant blogs. Keep your personal life just to yourself, unless it’s very relevant to your blog.

The next step is to write a good blog content. You don’t need to make a long tirade about the effects of Kangen water systems versus tap water. It is not necessary to be a good writer in order to write a blog. 400-500 word blog is quite enough and you can provide lots of valuable information in it. Simply use the space efficiently.

Make your blog informative and easy reading. People like Information available in a very informal form. A blog can do this very effectively. You have the ability to involve readers, to entertain them and give the information they need.

If you really want to get amazing results with your blog – make good money and get lots of traffic – but you’re not sure how to make it all happen, so check it out. You can cut your work using a similar blog Blueprint. Blog Blueprint will help you tremendously boost your blog rankings (and traffic).

Best of all, what I like most about this program is that the whole Blog Blueprint tools and systems deliver “smart” automation to my blogs. What is “smart” automation?



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