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SEO, at present is no longer just about SEO. Google’s way of ranking is now focused beyond off-page links and on-page copy. This requires web developers and site owners to have more content marketing strategy. Blogging is important in SEO today. You have to be very active online, engaging online visitors on social media. Also, your website ought to be updated, loading quickly, and easy to use.

But because of the many change Google has made, most site builders tend to do something that no longer falls in Google’s criteria for good ranking. Listed below are some of the most common SEO mistakes they make:

1. Building too many links to websites too fast.

You do not really need too many links so you can rank for competitive keywords. The truth is, time is what you need more. Google gives more value on slow and continuous link building. The easiest way to land on the first page of online search results, or better yet on the number 1 spot, is not to make too many backlinks. Be selective and only go for authoritative ones. Building too many links in a very short time may put you on top, but after a couple of weeks, watch as the rank of your site continually plunges. Google will find out if your link count is rising at an odd pace and will not give you a high rank.

2 . Building too many links to homepage.

Don’t just create links to the homepage, build links to the inner pages of your site. For example, Wikipedia has only 1% of their total backlinks pointing to their homepage, while 99% leads to the inner pages. But it is one of the best performing sites internationally. So, in order to rank well in Google, build more backlinks to the inner pages than to the homepage.

3. Over-optimisation.

An An old technique in SEO is looking for a highly searched keyword and then building all links using the term, and put it all over a site. After a while, the site ranks significantly well for that particular phrase. This technique doesn’t work anymore, but actually does more harm than good. It’s best to build links using your business name instead of target keywords. You can also use “click here” and other generic anchor texts, when establishing links. And they should sound completely natural.

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Posted on Nov 17, 2013 - Last updated on Nov 17, 2013
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