MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate

You may already know that promoting affiliate programs in your blog is one of the best ways to earn maximum from your blog. The problem is that you can’t think of recommending or linking the right affiliate program when you are trying to concentrate on writing a blog post. Even when you figure out what to promote, you first have to find the affiliate link, then link it to the right keyword in your blog post.

You can do this for a new post you are writing. But what if you discovered a new affiliate program and you want to promote it in your old posts? You’ll obviously have to edit and save them again.

Now, think about this- what will you do if you want to change hundreds of posts you have already written to include the affiliate link? Won’t it take forever to do such things?

BUT by using MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate, you can do that in mere seconds.

You’ll just have to tell it what your affiliate link is and what keywords you want it to link. Then it will automatically replace all the keywords in your WordPress blog with the affiliate link you want. The hundreds of old posts sitting there in your blog doing nothing will now instantly promote various affiliate programs which will keep on earning affiliate commissions on autopilot for you.

Not only that, MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate is a complete link management solution as well. You can manage, track, cloak and shorten unlimited number of links from the Ninja Affiliate itself.

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    It is always nice to find new ways to help you on your SEO journey. You have to just hunt around because there are great tools that often fall by the wayside.

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